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YouTube Thumbnail Preview

Test your YouTube thumbnail with Thumbnail.live, crafted from the ground up to be the best online YouTube thumbnail previewer.

Thumbnail.live was developed with love for creators to preview how their YouTube thumbnail and title will look on YouTube.

Other online thumbnail preview tools don't let you customize your branding. That's why Thumbnail.live is the best, as it offers the most customization options to preview your thumbnail.

You can not only upload a thumbnail and title, but also an avatar and username.

In addition, you can submit links to your thumbnail and avatar if its already online and save the hassle of having to find them in your files.

Finally, everything you input (excluding uploaded files) is stored on your browser, meaning you don't have to re-enter your avatar link and username every time.

Uploaded files are not stored, so if you want to retain your thumbnail and avatar, you always have the option to use links instead.

Thumbnail.live is not associated with YouTube in any way.